Serena Williams Reveals The Biggest Inspiration Behind King Richard

King Richard's release has given tennis fans a chance to gain insight into the lives of the Williams family.

Based on the life of Venus and Serena Williams' father Richard, the film traces the champion duo's formative years.

Since its release, the film has garnered several accolades, including nominations at award shows such as the Academy Awards and Golden Globes.

Venus and Serena Williams have been heavily involved with the project from the start and have played an active role in its marketing.

Serena revealed some details in an interview conducted recently, she said,  “I think King Richard is like Iron Man and that there still are other stories around it."

"And then there’s always the story about our other three sisters, and then there’s like a mom, and then there’s the Serena story. When I look at it, I see it just encompassing this whole superhero kind of thing.”

“A lot of people get this different story of sports fathers—especially tennis fathers, who are really overbearing,"

Serena Williams also touched upon her father's approach to tennis, saying Richard wasn't the typical "overbearing" tennis father.