Serena Williams Speaks About How Williams Sisters Changed The Sport

In a recent interview, Serena Williams is proud of the way she and sister Venus "took out the color" from tennis and established themselves as legends of the sport.

Serena Williams gave the interview to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, in the interview she said that said Venus and her were aware that they were entering an "all-white sport"

Tennis was mostly dominated by white players before the arrival of the Williams sisters, with the exception of certain players such as Althea Gibson and Arthur Ashe.

Because of the Williams sisters, a lot of new generation players such as Naomi Osaka, Sloane Stephens and Coco Gauff have stepped up into the sport of tennis.

In the interview, Serena Williams said, "We changed it from being two great Black champions to being the best ever, period,"

"And that's what we did. We took out color and we became the best. It is what it is, we changed the sport, we changed the fashion, we changed how people think, we changed how people think in business.

“We did not look at it as a color thing, we knew that we were entering an all-white sport but for us, we're entering tennis and we're here to win.”

Serena Williams concluded by saying that all the hardships faced by the sisters have only made them stronger.