Serena Williams Supports Tom Cruise by Attending Top Gun Maverick’s Pre Screening

Serena Williams has been off the court for quite some time.

She holds the record for the most number of Grand Slams in this era.

Serena is currently recovering from an injury she suffered during the 2021 Wimbledon.

During this period the 23-time Grand Slam champion has spent her time experiencing various activities.

Serena along with her husband Alexis attended the pre-screening of Tom Cruise’s upcoming movie Top Gun Maverick.

The 41-year-old seemed quite excited about the pre-screening.

She posted on her Instagram saying, “Pre-screening. Fun times and that is Alexis. Yeah!”

Even Alexis shared his excitement on Twitter saying, “I am so ready @TopGunMovie”

Both Serena and Alexis have contributed a lot to making a better place for others.

Serena has hinted that she will be making a comeback in the 2022 Wimbledon.