Several WWE Superstars Unhappy With Vince McMahon - Reports

It takes courage to come out in public and do what Vince McMahon did when there are serious allegations being investigated against him.

But Vince has courage and he did not take a step back from making it known, that the recent allegations is not going to stop him from what he does best - run a pro-wrestling company.


Vince McMahon appeared on SmackDown and addressed the WWE universe. While many thought he would clarify his current situation, that was not the case.

McMahon simply talked about how fortunate he is to be inside the WWE ring and with the WWE universe and promised that the company will continue to flourish and entertain wrestling fans around the world.

According to reports, there were no producers for McMahon's segment and whatever he said was completely off-script.

Fightful reports his backstage behavior, and revealed that Vince McMahon was in a good mood and looked very hands on with what was happening on the show.

However, according to the report, many superstars expressed Vince McMahon should not have appeared on SmackDown and were quite unhappy with how he dealt with the entire situation.

What did you make of Vince McMahon's address to the WWE fans on the recent episode of SmackDown? Do you think he should have cleared the air on the allegations?

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