Shakira and Gerard Pique Reunite After Custody Agreement

By: Remin Chacko Image credit: Google

As we know Gerard Pique and Shakira have agreed on an agreement for the custody of their children. Shakira will move to Miami with her kids.

Pique will get 10 days to spend with his kids on holidays in Spain. Sasha and Milan will move to the USA in early 2023 with their mother to the Florida mansion. 

Shakira holds a mansion in Florida which was on sale but now she has removed it from the market.

Pique and Clara were about to move into Shakira family home. but now Shakira decided to sell the mansion. So now Pique lives in his penthouse with Clara.

Recent reports say that Shakira and Pique both attended Milan's baseball game. Shakira was photographed a week ago for supporting her son.

Pique arrived with his parents but not with Clara to watch his son play baseball. Shakira accompanied his brother. They did exchange any looks. 

Shakira and Pique had a strong connection and also very protective nature for their children. after the custodial agreement both issued a joint statement.

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Now Shakira will move to Miami and Pique will stay in Spain. Both will start a new life ahead. Pique can only spend 10 days on holiday with his children. 

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