Shakira still has a soft spot for Gerard Pique After Breakup?

By: Remin Chacko Image credit: google

The Colombian popstar Shakira and Barcelona defender Gerard pique decided to part ways after 11 years. Both decided to make their children a top priority.

In a recent interview, Shakira’s ex-brother-in-law mentioned that some of the ill-fated financial dealings between the couple led to the relationship falling apart.

The Barcelona and Spain defender Gerard pique first met Shakira the global sensation in 2010 while filming the music video for Shakira’s famous waka waka.

Gerard and Shakira wanted to resolve the issue of their children’s custody. Shakira wanted to move to Miami with their kids, but pique wanted to stay in Barcelona.

Recently Shakira caught everyone’s attention by deleting a tweet “it wasn’t your fault”. The tweet shows that Shakira has a soft spot for Gerard pique.

Shakira settled the scores with pique through her music after the Spanish footballer was allegedly unfaithful. She states that everything she feels is reflected in the lyrics.

According to the latest news, Shakira has a soft spot for Gerard as she took the children for attending Gerard’s final match.

According to the reports, Shakira and pique have continued to come out with an agreement on their separation. They are in court for their children judicial custody.

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