Shakira Wants Revenge From Gerard Pique After He Cheated on Her?

By: Remin Chacko Image credit: Google

The football world heard the biggest news of the split between Gerard pique and Shakira. They were dating for 12 years and had two children Sasha and Milan.

Shakira and Pique decided to split because pique cheated on her with Clara chia Marti. Now it has turned upside down and they are fighting a court battle.

Reports say that they are settled with an agreement. Their main battle was on children’s custody. After the separation, both decided to focus on their life.

Gerard Pique has retired from their football career. Meanwhile, Shakira is winning hearts by breaking the internet through her model career.

Recently Burberry announced Shakira as their partner for a fashion model. The see-through dress she wore caught the eye of many around the world.

Shakira got much attention through the partnership with Burberry. She got many likes and comments regarding the dress and her modeling. Many fans stated, “revenge dress”.

An anonymous Twitter account tweeted in Spanish that “the singer appears wearing what appears to be a revenge dress”. Fans have been criticizing pique for cheating on her.

This is not the only time when pique has been criticized. Many people believe that pique shouldn’t have cheated on her with Clara. Now people think Shakira is taking revenge on Pique with a beautiful dress.

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