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Shaquille O'Neal is Allegedly Hiding in His Home Because of Crypto Lawsuit

By: Debadrita Ghosh Image credit: NBA and Twitter

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is trying to avoid the FTX crypto lawsuit that was filed by investor Edwin Garrison on November 2021. He also appears to be hiding inside his house to avoid the lawyers.

Shaq is among the most well-known figures who were directly connected to the FTX. He has also been featured in advertisements and other marketing content for the cryptocurrency exchange.

He was also chosen as the company’s brand ambassador and has also promoted the crypto exchange several times on Twitter.

Shaq’s carnival event, which was entirely sponsored by the exchange, was called "Shaq’s Fun House Los Angeles Presented by FTX".

He is one of the many celebrities mentioned in the class-action lawsuit against FTX endorsers. Among the other players who were connected to the cryptocurrency market were Stephen Curry and Tom Brady.

Due to the bankruptcy suffered by the same crypto exchange in 2022, which left many of its users with major losses, Shaq might also suffer some serious consequences.

Shaq might suffer serious repercussions due to his direct involvement with the crypto exchange. There have been numerous attempts to help him, but they have all failed.

He is also refusing to give a statement in response to the allegations made against him, so it seems that the case against him will go on for an extended period.

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