SHOCKING! Cody Rhodes Signs With WWE

It has been rumoured for a while that the head of the Nightmare Family is going to re-sign with WWE

Cody Rhodes was one of the pillars of AEW

Rhodes was the Executive Vice President of AEW

Rhodes is the first-ever AEW’s TNT Champion

According to reports from several sources, Cody had a lot of issues with regard to money and with his friends “The Elite”

The negotiations did not go as per plan and thus Cody Rhodes left AEW

When this news broke out the internet went wild, this was one of the biggest stars in AEW that has parted ways with the company

The pro-wrestling fans believed Cody would re-sign with WWE

At the same time, people felt that may not be the case because Cody spent most of his time in AEW trashing WWE

Now PWInsider has confirmed that Cody has indeed signed with WWE and the deal was done a couple of weeks ago

As of now, Cody’s first appearance is planned to be at WrestleMania 38

But which Cody Rhodes are we going to see?


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