Shocking New Reason for Stephanie McMahon's Departure From WWE

Stephanie McMahon is no longer the Chief Brand Officer of WWE.

Stephanie McMahon recently announced the she is taking a leave of absence from WWE without any return date.

Why did Stephanie McMahon leave WWE?

McMahon in a her previous statement revealed that she needs some time off WWE to focus on her family, and husband Triple H, who recently suffered a cardiac arrest.

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However, there are reports that it's not the only reason why Stephanie McMahon decided to step down from her responsibility as the CBO of WWE.

Additionally, with Stephanie McMahon removing all traces of WWE from her bio, there's a case to be made.

Stephanie Mcmahon is not good at her job?

According to Andrew Zarian, McMahon decided to take a leave of absence after being questioned about her ability as the Chief Branding Officer of the company.


"This is coming from someone in the know in WWE, this wasn’t like a guy in catering, the comment was that internally, there was doubt put on Steph, her abilities as an executive. And a lot of this started after she absorbed some of Michelle Wilson’s responsibilities after she left, one being ad sales and sponsorship." He said.

She was last seen at WrestleMania 38 where she introduced the Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson to the WWE universe.

Stephanie McMahon's last TV appearance before leave of absence from WWE

Do you think we will see Stephanie McMahon in the WWE once again? And if so, how soon?

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