Shocking! The Miz Says Randy Orton's WWE Career is Over

The Miz in a recent appearance on The Miz TV in the latest episode of RAW made a statement that has not gone well with the WWE Universe.

Riddle became the latest guest of The Miz TV and the former WWE Champion had a seemingly disrespectful remark for Randy Orton.

"Randy Orton's career is over" Miz said. The WWE Superstar later took to social media and reiterated on his statement.

"I stand by this statement" - Miz responded to the snippet shared by the official handle of WWE.

Needless to say, the comment has not gone well with a lot of fans who slammed Miz on social media.

Randy Orton is currently nursing an injury

Orton is currently out of action due to severe back injury. There is no confirmed date as to when we could see the Viper grace the WWE ring once again.


Meanwhile, Riddle has now teamed up with Shinsuke Nakamura, bringing an end to his long-standing alliance with Randy Orton.

Do you think Miz's remark were based on the extent of Orton's injuries? Or was it a dirty trick to lure Orton for a fight upon his return?

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