Should Knees Be Allowed on a Downed Opponent?

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Petr Yan's horrific loss against Aljamain Sterling and Adriano Moares' emphatic win over Demetrious Johnson shows two emotions for the same move in a sport called mixed martial arts.

Yan vs Sterling

Petr Yan executed an illegal knee to Sterling forcing the referee to stop the fight. Yan was stripped off his title belt, with Sterling getting the championship belt via DQ win.


Knee to downed opponent is  illegal in UFC

Adriano Moraes Becomes the First Fighter to Get a Knockout Win Over Demetrious Johnson

Moraes executed a brilliant kick to send Johnson back to the ground after he tried to grab his single le in order to breath and recover.

Knee on downed opponent

It is one of the most impactful shot a fighter can execute, and needless to say the risk injuries related to it has made it illegal to throw knee strikes on a downed opponent.


Knee to a downed opponent is legal in ONE Championship.

Knees should be illegal in MMA

There's nothing wrong in having a situation where a fighter cannot hit another fighter in a sport where a fighter ends up landing hammer punches to an unconscious body after knocking him out. Knee to the head, to the nose can create permanent damage, and as much as these fighters are putting their  life into learning this art, they shouldn't be forced to be so vulnerable to something as dangerous as getting hit by the knee while you are down.



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