Snoop Dogg Reacts Following Sasha Banks' WWE Exit

Sasha Banks has been indefinitely suspended by the WWE.

The announcement comes in the wake of Sasha Banks and Naomi's decision to walk-out of RAW taping following creative dispute with the company.

WWE trying to erase traces of Sasha Banks and Naomi

WWE has removed the official Facebook pages of both the superstars and also stopped selling the tag-team merchandise.

Scribbled Underline

In what is a challenging time for both the Superstars, several noted celebrities have expressed their opinion, including CM Punk and Mickie James.

The latest to join is none other than rapper Snoop Dogg; cousin to Sasha Banks.

Snoop Dogg took to Instagram and shared an emotional post following Sasha Banks' suspension from WWE.

"Bloodline" Snoop Dogg captioned the post.

Sasha Banks doesn't have any scarcity of options despite the suspension from WWE. She was last seen with Steve Aoki on the stage at his concern, and seems to be enjoying her time off wrestling.

What's next for Sasha Banks?

Sasha banks to aew?

There's a possibility that we could see Sasha Banks in AEW, however, that's uncertain considering might still be tied to WWE because of the contract.



It will be interesting to see what lies ahead for Sasha Banks, and if the support from outside will budge WWE to take some steps in the favor of the superstar.

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