Becky Lynch gets more time on WrestleMania than Flair vs Rousey

In the lead-up to WrestleMania 38, Becky Lynch opined that she is a bigger star than both Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey.

Becky Lynch is the biggest WWE superstar in women's wrestling!

Interesting stat from wrestlemania 38

The run-time of Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair and Charlotte Flair vs Ronda Rousey proves who is a bigger WWE superstar.

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19:10 minutes for Lynch vs Belair and 18:30 minutes to Flair vs Rousey.

Lynch is the real winner!

Becky Lynch gets more TV time on WrestleMania 38 compared to Rousey and Flair.

Needless to say, the amount of time given on live TV certainly hints at something.

Who is the biggest WWE WOMEN'S SUPERSTAR?

It's hard to come to a conlcusion. However, it's safe to say that Ronda Rousey's popularity transcends the WWE Universe. However, as a WWE superstar, the likes of Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch certainly takes the lead.

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Be that as it may, the WWE's women's division has never looked better, and wrestling fans are in for a treat in 2022.