Stephanie McMahon Doesn’t Have a “Selfish Bone in Her Body”- The Undertaker

CM Punk has been off the ring as he suffered a foot injury.

WWE stars Disco Inferno and Konnan recently spoke about him.

CM Punk has become WWE’s fifth AEW World Champion.

Scribbled Underline

CM Punk previously told that he became mentally ill.

In the “Keepin It 100” podcast, Disco mentioned that CM Punk might not return to WWE.

However, Konnan added that the interim CEO Stephanie McMahon would look to bring him back.


He said, “Things could change, you know? Stephanie could take over, and she could say I don't give a s*** about the heat you had before, I will push you.”

Konnan concluded that CM Punk is in a great position in AEW and might not leave.

Will the interim CEO, Stephanie bring back CM Punk?

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