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Stephanie McMahon Was Disgusted With Vince McMahon’s Nasty Idea in WWE

By: Aniket Makhija Image credit: WWE and Twitter

After Vince McMahon came into power in the WWE, he was known for his bizarre storylines, especially during the WWE Attitude Era.

He was very creative with his ideas and was very passionate about bringing shocking as well as peculiar pitches to the talent show.

He didn’t even count his family out of his madness, and one of his most unorthodox story pitches included his children.

In 2005, Stephanie McMahon returned to WWE after a two-year break following her marriage with Triple H.

Although she didn’t appear in the ring, she made a contribution during the segment showing the rivalry between the McMahon family and Steve Austin.

That same year, Stephanie announced her pregnancy, and to incorporate that story, Vince had an idea of incest.

During an interview, Stephanie said, “My dad did approach me about wanting to be the father of my baby in a storyline for TV.”

She added, “That one was just a little too gross actually. It's completely disgusting. I don't find the entertainment value in it at all.”

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