By: Rahul V Krishnan

Stephanie McMahon Willing to Sell WWE After Vince McMahon’s Exit

Image Credit: WWE and Twitter

WWE co-CEO Stephanie McMahon was asked about the potential sale of the WWE and she didn't rule out the possibility of a future sale.

According to Wrestling Observer, Vincent Kennedy McMahon is still the controlling stakeholder in the company and the management is always looking for the best possible outcome.

Vince McMahon recently was forced to retire from his roles in the company due to hush money allegations that came out.

He was replaced by her daughter Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan as the co-CEOs and son-in-law Triple H as the Head of creative.

WWE are currently making record profits and their last two International premium live events, Clash at the Castle and Crown Jewel received record international viewership.

In the third quarter earnings call, the company announced that they generated a revenue of $305 million dollars which was an increase of 19%.

Even though the higher-ups are yet to confirm their intentions to sell, the company is in high demand thanks to its record profits.

Stephanie's comments may mean that the shareholders are willing to listen to offers. If a potential buyer appears with an acceptable offer then they could end up selling the company.

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