Stephanie McMahon's Job as CEO Can Affect Paul Heyman's Role

There is a lot going on in WWE headquarters right now after Vince McMahon stepped down from the CEO position.

Stephanie McMahon returned to WWE as the interim CEO and the Chairwoman.

It was expected that Vince McMahon would return to his CEO position after the end of the ongoing investigation.

However, as per the recent reports by Wade Keller, Stephanie McMahon might become the long-term boss of WWE.

"Some of the things that I'm hearing, make me consider the possibility as worthy of conversation that this could result in Stephanie taking over as head of the company, and Triple H and I saw speculation of this on Twitter," revealed Wade Keller.

The report also said that Stephanie McMahon being the boss would put Paul Heyman in a more prominent role.

"I could totally see this happening, Paul Heyman taking on a bigger role in creative. Paul Heyman gets along really well with Hunter and Stephanie. And so I wouldn't rule that possibility out either."

Paul Heyman has certainly played a huge role in Roman Reigns' Tribal Chief storyline in the recent past.

But, Heyman playing a huge part in the creative can bring some positive changes in WWE.