Stephanie McMahon's Relationship With WWE Employee Raises Concern

Stephanie McMahon is now going to be the interim CEO and Chairwoman of WWE until the ongoing investigation on Vince McMahon concludes.

As reported earlier, WWE superstars seem happy with the change in the authority.

However, all WWE executives might not welcome Stephanie McMahon replacing Vince McMahon.

It further said that WWE executive, Kevin Dunn and Stephanie McMahon don't like each other backstage.

“I know that Stephanie is going to be interim CEO, but I’ve heard from many people that Stephanie and Kevin Dunn, for example, don’t like each other. And as long as someone like Kevin Dunn has a job at WWE, this seems to be for public consumption, looking around at some of the headlines that I see in mainstream media today. I think WWE is getting the response in the headlines that they want.”

Not so long ago Stephanie McMahon stepped down from her role as Chief Brand Officer and WWE was looking for a temporary replacement for her.

However, unfortunate circumstances have forced Stephanie McMahon to get involved in the company in a much bigger role.