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Stephanie McMahon’s Salary Doubled After She Became The co-CEO of the WWE

By: Rahul V Krishnan

Image credits: WWE/Twitter

Stephanie McMahon was given a new role as WWE’s co-CEO alongside Nick Khan when her father Vince McMahon had to leave his post due to hush money allegations.

Stephanie’s husband Triple H was given the role of head of creative soon after Vince’s departure. and has received a lot of praise since taking over. .

According to the new SEC filing made by the WWE, Stephanie, Triple H and other top executives have all received a raise in salary.

The filing also showed that WWE has promoted Frank Riddick III to a new role of President & Chief Financial Officer.

According to Sportzwiki, Stephanie McMahon’s base annual salary of $730,000 was doubled to $1.35 million. 

She will also get an extra $750,000 as she is still considered an on-air talent and has a booking agreement.

Triple H’s annual salary also saw an increase from $730,000 to $900,000. He has a guaranteed $1.0 million in payments as part of his talent deal, but he is unable to compete following a heart issue.

The post-Vince era led by Stephanie has received a lot of praise from the fans and the talent as there is a significant change to the product.

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