"Stephanie Was Right" - Paige Thanks McMahon in Her Final Goodbye to WWE

Paige announced her official exit from WWE after her contract expired this past week on July 7, 2022.

In a lengthy note to WWE fans upon her release, Paige spoke very highly of WWE and particularly praised Stephanie McMahon for her incredible support.

Paige has gone through her fair share of ups and down in her illustrious WWE career.

From revolutionizing the WWE women's division to making a name for herself, Paige has left a great legacy behind her.

In a heartfelt note on social media, Paige reflected on her WWE run and addressed the various ups and downs of her pro-wrestling career.

Paige also thanked Stephanie McMahon for helping her through a very rough patch of her life. The WWE diva made her WWE return back in 2017 after her private videos were leaked online.

Paige expected a hostile response from the crowd, but decided to listen to Stephanie McMahon to finally make her WWE return.

"Stephanie was right (as usual). I went out there … and it was the most amazing feeling. No one hated me!! They were actually glad I was back. I was still Paige. The connection was still there." Paige said.

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