Stephen Curry and The Rock once came together for a cameo and it was electrifying

Steph Curry is a favorite of many, so it was no wonder when he made an appearance with The Rock on hit show "The Ballers", it was just incredible!

Curry made brief appearance in Season 3 of HBO’s ‘Ballers’.

Ballers is an American sports-drama television series created by Stephen Levinson.

Steph devised a weird nickname for The Rock’s character, Spencer Strasmore.

Dwayne Johnson played Spencer Strasmore in the hit TV-show Ballers.

In the promo clip, Curry makes a phone call to Rock’s character, Strasmore, while strolling on a tarmac with his wife, Ayesha Curry.

Spencer is desperate to sign Curry as a client.


Do you remember watching the GSW star on Ballers? What did you make of his cameo?

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