Stick Fighting, Knife Defense - Rose Namajunas Wants to Learn These Arts As Well!

Rose Namajunas

At such a young age, Rose Namajunas has already cemented her legacy as one of the greatest women mixed martial artist of all time.

She is a two-time UFC Flyweight Champion!

Rose Namajunas returns to action at UFC 274

Thug Rose will return to action at UFC 274 against Carla Esparza in her second title defense of the flyweight gold. She is currently in her second reign as a UFC Champion.

Ahead of the fight, Rose Namajunas sat down with Luke Thomas of Morning Kombat and shared her thoughts on the match-up, among other things.

In response to the areas she would like to improve in the near future, considering she is just 29 years of age right now, this is what Thug Rose had to say.

"I really want to get better at self-defense kind of things like stick fighting, knife defense, and knife fighting, gun training. Those are kind of like my extra curricular things..." Namajunas said.

It goes without saying, Thug Rose wants to live up to her moniker after she is done with her mixed martial arts career.

Rose Namajunas is GOAT in making!

It's hard to deny the GOAT status of Rose Namajunas at such a young age. How far she will go in her mixed martial arts career? Only time will tell.