McGregor is not impressed with Volkanovski


Another victory for Alexander Volkanovski. He defended his title following his win against Holloway.

Izzy's coach Eugene Bareman praised Volkanovski saying, 'the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world'.

 However, 'The Notorious' had a different impression of Volkanovski.

McGregor was not impressed with Volkanovski whatsoever.

Conor disagreed with Bareman's statement and tweeted, 'Stop that, please.'

Fans had mixed reactions to Conor's tweet.

Majority of fans went in favour of Volkanovski and even questioned if Conor can beat Alex.

It has been quite some time since McGregor stepped foot in the Octagon. His injury in his fight against Poirier at UFC 264 has left him on the sidelines for nearly a year.

Conor is looking to make a comeback and will want to do that spectacularly. His seems to be returning somewhere around 2023.

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