Tai Tuivasa’s Thought on Jon Jones Is What We All Think About Him

Jon Jones is all set to move up to the heavyweight division.

He earlier vacated his light heavyweight title to move up in the next weight class.

Many are curious to see how the former champion will perform among the heavyweights.

And so is his potential opponent Tai Tuivasa.

Tuivasa couldn't help but admit that Jones is the greatest MMA fighter of all time.

But at the same time he also called the former champion a "D***head"

"Jones is probably the best MMA fighter of all time. Doesn't matter f****** (if he is at lightweight or higher), he's still a d***head." -Tuivasa via Allstar's fine dining with fighters.

He also expressed that he would love to fight the champion one day.

He further added, "If I ever got the opportunity, I'd fight him, I do this to say like, 'one day, I'll fight the champion.' Well, f***, I fought him." 

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Do you want to see Tai Tuivasa vs Jon Jones battle it out inside the UFC Octagon?


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