Tallest UFC Fighter! How Tall Is Alexander Volkov?

UFC's heavyweight division has seen some of the scariest fighters of all time.

The current heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou can strike fear in opponents' heart with his brutal knockout power.

But, one of the veteran of the division, Alexander Volkov can intimidate his opponents with his insane height and reach.

Alexander Volkov is a russian MMA fighter with a record of 34 wins and 10 losses.

Volkov is considered one of the most experienced strikers in the division.

And he is 6 ft 7 inches height and has a reach of 80 inches.

UFC heavyweight champion, who is a freak of nature, Francis Ngannou is 6 ft 4 inches tall with a reach of 84 inches.

But, Alexander Volkov is not the tallest UFC heavyweight ever.

That record goes to Stefan Struve, who retired from MMA after his last fight at UFC 254. Struve was 7 ft tall.