Serena Williams Praises Beyonce

Serena Williams, with her time off the court has been a part of many interviews and shows.

Serena recently made an appearance in the Ellen show.

With 19 seasons of the Ellen DeGeneres Show it will finally bid farewell this year.

Serena mentioned that her daughter has been signed up for tennis lessons.

She later on said that she is not pushing Olympia to be a tennis player.

In that episode Serena has praised the American pop star Beyonce as she had performed on the court where Serena grew up playing.

Serena praised saying, "Beyonce is a genius, she is the most amazing performer ever".

Serena added “She doesn’t even understand the people she’s inspired and how she’s  made us feel on a level that I cannot even describe into words.”

Serena and Beyonce are quite close since the tennis star made a appearance in Beyonce's "Sorry" music video in 2016.

She said that she hasn't played tennis for a while but will be back in action soon.