"Thanks Amber Heard"- Laura Sanko Gets an Incredible Makeover Before a UFC Event

Laura Sanko made history when she became the first female commentator for UFC.

Sanko is a former mixed martial artist and now she is a prominent figure in the UFC broadcasting team.

Laura Sanko recently shared a post, which caught the attention of fans.

thank you to all the fans who are clearly watching the Johnny Depp trial because the number of people who are experts on treating/covering bruises now is truly amazing 😂😂😂 thanks Amber Heard.- Sanko said

The Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial has been one of the biggest news in Hollywood in the past few weeks.

Out of all the revelations and claims, one claim from Amber Heard on covering up her bruises with makeup made a lot of headlines.

"We covered the discoloration, the bruises, with a slightly heavier concealer. One that has a little more peach undertone, which I normally don't use on Amber, but peach cancels blue. So I did that under the eyes."- Amber Heard's makeup artist, Melanie Inglessis

Laura Sanko recently sustained an injury, which happened during sparring.

However, thanks to UFC makeup artist Chris Giraldo, Laura Sanko got an incredible transformation before a UFC event.

The majority of the fans are supporting Johnny Depp in his trial against Amber Heard.

However, so far it can not be confirmed who is winning the legal battle.