By: Nikhil Chauhan

The 4th Member of The Bloodline is Almost Confirmed

Image Credit: WWE

It seems like the Bloodline has finally found its 4th member and it's not someone from the family.

Sami Zayn has emerged as the latest addition to the Bloodline and fans have seemingly accepted him with open arms.

Sami Zayn seems to be having a great time with Roman Reigns in his locker room, talking about all sorts of things and even making the Tribal Chief smile at some of his banter.

Zayn has also emerged as the savior, stepping in on several occasions to save Roman Reigns. Needless to say, this has earned him the respect of the Tribal Chief.

And if that's not enough, he is also copying Reigns' finisher for quite some time now in WWE live shows. 

Oh, how can we forget about Sami Zayn's t-shirt that has The Bloodline written all over it. Zayn is truly the 4th member of the Bloodline.

Even Roman Reigns has hinted at the possible addition of Sami Zayn to the stable. It's safe to say, the Tribal Chief is not just looking for someone from the Anoa'i family.

What do you think about Sami Zayn teaming up with Roman Reigns and the Usos? Do you want him to become a permanent member of the Bloodline?

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