The Bloodline Gets a Special Mention at WWE Hell in a Cell

The Bloodline is arguably the most dominant division in the history of WWE.

Headed by the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns along with The Usos, The Bloodline is a force to be reckon with!

Currently the biggest  asset to WWE, The Bloodline was not a part of Hell in a Cell premium live event. 

Be that as it may, WWE did not fail to remind the WWE universe about how special and dominant The Bloodline continues to be.

Scribbled Underline

Following the RAW women's championship at WWE Hell in a Cell, the promotion played a long (quite long, to be honest) video package, showcasing the dominance of The Bloodline.

And there's no denying the claim! The Bloodline currently holds the major gold in WWE with Reigns enjoying his time as the undisputed WWE Champion. Meanwhile, The Usos hold the undisputed tag-team titles.

Needless to say, the Bloodline is expected to showcase its dominance in the near future, and looking at how they are booked, there doesn't seem to be anything or anyone, stopping them anytime soon!


How long do you think before we see the downfall of the Bloodline? Will there be split? Will The Usos turn on Roman Reigns? How do you think it takes place?

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