The Cost of Rafael Nadal's Richard Millie Watch Will Shock You.

Rafael Nadal created history by winning his 14th French Open title.

Nadal became the only male player to win 22 majors in the history of tennis.

During the French Open finals, Nadal was spotted wearing a 1 million Richard Millie watch.

Nadal was seen wearing this brand's watch in many major tournaments.

Scribbled Underline

Richard Mille, the chairman of the company, gave the idea of Nadal wearing the watch during his matches.

However, Nadal was against this idea.

The Swiss brand said, “Nadal was reluctant and Richard had a lot of convincing to do.”


Later, Richard himself designed a very light wristwatch for Nadal.

Nadal said that as soon as he saw the watch, he loved it.

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