Jon Jones  Body  Transformation




Jon Jones is set to make his Highly Anticipated Heavyweight Debut in 2021

Here's a comparison between Jones Physique at HW & LHW


Jon 'Bones' Jones  is undeniably the most accomplished UFC Fighter.  During his reign as the UFC LHW Champion,  Jones has 14 LHW Title Fight Victories under his regime. Now he is set to make his mark at the Heavyweight Division. 

Jones reign at  Light Heavyweight

Jones dominated the entire UFC LHW division for well over a decade and accumulated 14 victories in Title fights. During his reign as LHW Champion,  Jones was extremely slick, but didn't possess heavy muscles. He also didn't had much Knockouts to his regime. So, for him moving to Heavyweight was quite surprising at this stage.    

Jones at Heavyweight

After remaining outside the octagon for well over a year, since getting a Decision Victory over Dominick Reyes, Jones is all set to takeover the heavyweight Division. It's quite unbelievable but Jones has also been able to maintain his speed at Heavyweight. Jones has also shared some pics on his footwork inside the octagon.

Needless to say,  Jon Jones vs Fransis Ngannou on his debut is going to be a super fight of 2021. Hope that the UFC figures out good terms with Jones soon.