The Incredible Weight Transformation of Veer Mahaan

Rinku Singh a.k.a. Veer Mahaan recently made his RAW debut after 12 consecutive wins in the WWE Main Event

When he made his debut on RAW, you could see a difference in his physique and body. Even the the fans noticed it. But the transformation wasn't easy.

Before joining WWE, Veer Mahaan was signed for Pro baseball and at the time he weighed in at 150 pounds.

Now weighing in at 256 pounds, it was incredibly tough for the vegetarian Veer Mahaan to make the massive body transformation.

In an recent interview he said "There were many meal-prep companies that I tried on, but they didn’t work. It’s like you have to have Indian food then you are going to feel like – yes I got something."

He still cooks for himself, still makes his own meal prep so that he can track how much protein and calories he has taken in a day.

Veer Mahaan in his interview with Sony also said that he is not only strong physically but mentally too. And it is this will-power that has made him make this massive change.

Jinder Mahal, who was with Veer Mahaan on his debut reflected, “He has been working out very hard, dieting. The Veer Mahaan that you’ve seen with me on RAW, when we were on RAW about six months ago, Me, Veer, and Shanky – is completely different!”