By: Nikhil Chauhan

The Lavish Lifestyle of Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua is one of the most accomplished boxers in modern history. Needless to say, with popularity comes financial success.

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And it comes without surprise, Anthony Joshua is incredibly rich and lives a lavish lifestyle.

While AJ doesn't like to flaunt, it's quite evident he lives a lavish lifestyle. From expensive cars to a expensive watches, AJ has got it all.

Anthony Joshua owns two promotions Spartan Promotions and 258 MG and with huge stakes in DAZN, AJ's riches sees no bounds.

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Joshua's social media account is filled with snapshots of his costly adventures on his private jet.

Image Courtesy: WWE

Custom made sports cars is another AJ's interest that has grabbed the eyeballs of boxing and car fans around the world.

Oh and it's not just boxing, but water sports that seems to drive Anthony Joshua. AJ's social media is filled with variety of other sports that he likes to best beside boxing.

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Be that as it may, amidst all the glitz and glamour, Anthony Joshua still lives with his mother in an ex-council house.

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