Donald Cerrone's  Legendary  Hall of Fame UFC Career




Donald Cerrone has been one of the most fan favorite fighters of all time. 

Here's a look at Donald Cerrone's legacy as one of the best to ever do it in the UFC octagon.


Donald Cerrone  has been competing in the UFC for well over a decade now. During his UFC run,  Cerrone has fought some of the biggest names of the sport and also fought for the LW strap. Although he fell shot, still Cerrone is considered as one of the best to ever do it.

Most Wins; Most Bonuses;  Most finishes

Donald Cerrone's resume is legendary in the UFC, he once had a 19-4 UFC record and now has 23 wins in the UFC, which is still most by any fighter. He also has most bonuses in the UFC along with most finishes under his name.

Most Head Kick KOs

Donald Cerrone also posses another epic record under his regime, He has 6 Head Kick KO's, which is also the most by any other UFC fighter. 


Donald Cerrone is widely popular for this moto and is always ready to step in against anybody on short notice. He is also a active fighter and has entered the UFC octagon  34 times within a decade. 

Cerrone currently holds a record of 36-15-1 and been a part of several headlines even in massive PPV events such as UFC-246, he placed a crucial part in the 1.356M PPV buys sold.