The Miz Sends a Message to Rey Mysterio on Behalf of Logan Paul After Feeling Disrespected

The Miz is one of the best heels in the business

But honestly, he has not received the respect he deserves

That has always been in his mind for years

Be it the Incredible promo segment on Talking Smack or on Miz TV, the A-Lister has vented out his frustrations multiple times

The WWE Grand Slam Champion still has not gotten the respect he very much deserves

At WrestleMania 38, The Miz is set to team with Logan Paul and take on Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik Mysterio in a tag team match

The Miz is still salty that he has not gotten any respect yet

Miz was determined to show the Mysterios how it felt to be disrespected

On last night’s Raw, Miz attacked Rey Mysterio after his match and removed the Lucha mask from Rey’s face

In Lucha Libre, removing the mask is a sign of the ultimate disrespect

Miz claimed that he did it for Logan Paul, but we all know the true reason behind Miz’s actions

To rub salt on the wound, Miz requested Logan Paul to show up on Raw next week wearing the mask

Is Miz’s actions justified?


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