The NBA Media is Pushing a Narrative of "Everyone is a LeBron Fan"

When he played in his rookie season, most current  day rookies were 1-2 years old.

LeBron James has played 19 seasons in the league and all of it at an elite level. 

Joshua Primo is the current Youngest Player in the league and was less than a year old on the day LeBron made his debut

This phenomenal longevity has created an unbelievable narrative

"Every NBA Rookie idolizes LeBron James."

We saw that when a reporter asked rookie Scottie Barnes if he had a poster of LeBron James in his room growing up

Scottie Barnes answered that question by saying, "I was a really big Kobe Fan."

The question stemmed from the mindset put forth and would give birth to headlines like  'LeBron gets better of NBA rookie and fan Scottie Barnes.'

That's not to say there aren't any young NBA players who idolize LeBron, but the number isn't as high as the narrative pushes it to be.

Are you a LeBron James fan?


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