The R-Rated Edge-Lita Live S*X Celebration And Mystery Behind It

Christopher DeJoseph the former WWE recently revealed how the celebration between Edge and Lita came into play.

The celebration between Edge and Lita was one of the biggest talking points in 2006 Raw.

During the 2006 Raw, WWE decided to do something unusual.

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They decided that Edge and Lita would make love in front of a live audience.

DeJoseph explained this situation on Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw.

He mentioned that Edge had just won the Money in the bank title against John Cena.


In a meeting with Vince, he asked DeJoseph what he would do if he was Edge.

DeJoseph said, “I would have sex with my girlfriend in the middle of the ring for everybody to see.”

DeJoseph added that this is how the controversial sex celebration came up.

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