The Real Reason Behind Stephanie McMahon's Exit Revealed

Stephanie McMahon continues to be in the headlines ever since her decision to leave WWE.

Almost everyday there are latest developments, revealing more details about what really went down which led to McMahon deciding to take the "leave of absence".

A report by Business Insider now calls false on  the fact that Vince McMahon had anything to do with Stephanie McMahon's exit from WWE.

Earlier, it was reported that Vince McMahon was directly involved in the "sacking" of Stephanie McMahon.

However, that wasn't the case. And now it is being reported that the lack of great business and sponsorship deals was the main reason why the WWE wanted to shake things up a little, and hence Nick Khan was offered the position.

WWE Head of Global Sales & Partnerships was also let go!

Claudine Lilien, who was hired by Stephanie McMahon was seen unfit, and was also let go from her position.


There were major areas of improvements that needed to be done, and WWE expects the new regime under Nick Khan will follow suit.

It is also being reported that Stephanie McMahon has stopped receiving production emails. Rest assured, her decision to leave the company was her alone.

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