The Broamance  Between Weidman & Wonderboy 

Chris Weidman  & Stephen Thompson  are one of the most accomplished fighters in the UFC. Here's a closer look at there relationship.

Chris Weidman

"The All American", Chris Weidman is one of the biggest names in MMA. He  is widely known as the man, Who dethroned Anderson Silva's 16 fight win streak in 2013. He also has 4 UFC Middleweight title fight victories under his reign

Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson is a perennial Welterweight Title contender. He has fought for the world title twice and still is a top ranked welterweight. His typical karate style can give any 170 pounder deep trouble.

Stephen Thompson

Weidman needed a new training partner ahead of his fight against Silva. He decided to take Thompson as the sparing partner because Wonderboy had a 57-0 kickboxing record, Which could replicate Silva's style of fighting. But later the duo became good friends.

Weidman & Wonderboy Post-Fight after competing at UFC-205

Friends to Brothers

Wonderboy once said:-

My brother Tony asked to come up and hang out with us. I talked to Chris and he was like, ‘Sure, yeah. Bring him in.’ I didn’t even know Chris had a sister at that time. Next thing you know, they ended up meeting each other, and it was over from there."

Both Weidman and Wonderboy are coming close to retirement and in their quest to end their career with the UFC Title.