The Rock is No Longer Friends With Logan Paul After This Mistake 

Recently Paul Logan mentioned that Dwayne Johnson also known as “The Rock'' told him to delete all content including him and Rock.

This was due to the controversy regarding the Japan suicide forest.

In 2017, when Logan was mainly a YouTuber he filmed a video in Japan's Aokigahara forest.

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This forest is also known as ‘suicide forest’ because many people go to the forest to take their own lives.

As Paul and his friends were shooting the video, they came across a man who took his own life.

However, Logan and his friends started cracking jokes about this situation.

Logan ended up losing many brand deals and got his channel temporarily shut.


In a recent interview with True Geordie, he said, “After Japan happened I was extremely low mentally.”

He continued, “I got a call from my publicist who also repped Dwayne Johnson and she’s like, 'Hey Dwayne’s asked that you remove every picture and video that you’ve done with him.”

Logan concluded by saying that he was really sad that his hero didn’t want anything to do with him.

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