The Rock's daughter changes her WWE ring name

It seems like The Rock's daughter is finally going to make her in-ring debut.

Rock's daughter Simone Johnson signed with the WWE back in February of 2020.

Simone Johnson is currently training

Simone is currently training at the WWE Performance Center. And now it looks like she could finally make her in-ring debut on NXT.

Scribbled Underline

Simone Johnson recently changed her Twitter name and needless to say, we finally have her WWE name.

Simone Johnson will likely go with the name Ava Raine in WWE.

Another member in the bloodline?

While there's a possibility we could see Eva Raine directly on the main-roster, it's highly unlikely that will be the case.


With over two years now with the company, it's safe to say that the WWE has no plans of fast-tracking her to the main event scene.

With the ring name seemingly confirmed, it's safe to say that we could see Ava Raine make her in-ring debut very soon. However, it remains to be whether it will be on the main roster or on NXT.

When will Ava Raine aka Simone Johnson make her in-ring debut?

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