The Rock's Daughter Makes Her WWE Appearance

The Rock's daughter Simone Johnson aka Ava Raine made her first WWE appearance infront of live audience.

Ava Raine signed with WWE back in February of 2020, and cut her first promo at NXT live event in Orlando.

While NXT Orlando was a huge hit, the biggest moment of the night was certainly the debut of the Rock's daughter, who goes by the ring-name Ava Raine.

Ava Raine debuted as a heel as she addressed the WWE universe after the end of NXT Orlando.

Raine talked down on the NXT's women's division Cora Jade and the rest of the locker room. Needless to say, she is not trying to be the fan favorite. 

Ava Raine referred to herself as "The Final Girl", quite possibly a reference to the horror movie, "The Finals Girls" that released in 2015.

At just 20-years of age, we might see Ava Raine make her in-ring debut very soon. It goes without saying, she has a huge responsibility on her shoulders.

However, going by the name Ava Raine proves she doesn't want to use her father's last name to gain advantage.

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