The Rock's Daughter Sends a Message to The Judgment Day  

Edge has been teasing several WWE superstars as the fourth member of The Judgment Day.

In the past, he has mentioned superstars such as Asuka, Mustafa Ali, among others as the latest addition to the dominant faction The Judgment Day.

Edge also teased The Rock's daughter Simone Johnson aka Ava Raine as the latest member of The Judgment Day.

Needless to say, it has grabbed a lot of eyeballs. Edge, without saying a word, just posted a photo of Simone Johnson, much to the excitement of the entire WWE Universe.

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And now, Simone Johnson has reacted to Edge's invitation.

"Just lmk!!" translates to "Just let me know." Simone replied to the tweet. 

Will simone johnson join the judgment day?

Simone Johnson has been training at the WWE Performance Center since 2019. however, she is yet to make her professional in-ring debut.


Needless to say, if she does  make her debut alongside Edge's Judgment Day, it's going to create a lot of buzz.

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