The Rough Childhood of Conor McGregor

From the streets of Dublin towards becoming the most polarizing figure in the history of Combat Sports. Conor McGregor's journey from being relatively unknown towards Super Stardom is unthinkable. Here's a brief history of the setbacks he had to endure in his childhood.

McGregor Family

Conor Antony McGregor was born in a family 5, including two sisters. It was not a rich family, Hence McGregor got his way up through severe hard work and dedication, knowing the fact the his family is not rich enough to help him out. 

Mcgregor had to fix toilets to earn  a living and was getting paid  £165 every month.

McGregor was raised in Crumlin, a southern suburb of Dublin. Conor mentioned in an interview that, when he was a school boy, he was bullied several times by big boys. He also started  carrying dumbbell in his bag, which could be used as a weapon in case of a severe issue.

Life in Crumlin

Living in his Father's house

In 2010, McGregor was 22 but still he had to live at the back side of his father's house. It was because of financial issues and finally he decided to quit plumbing and focused only on his mixed martial arts career and later on 2013 became the first 2 division champion in CWFC history

 UFC Featherweight and Lightweight Champion

In 2017, Mcgregor was set to face one of the greatest boxers of all time, Floyd Mayweather, who was coming out of retirement. But this time the outcome didn't went in Mcgregor's favour but still he managed to make 100 Million dollars in a fight that sold over 4.3 Millions pay-per-view buys. This is all because of Mcgregor hardwork and never back down attitude that helped him to climb up to become one of the Greastest fighters that ever step foot inside the Octagon


Boxing debut