The rough childhood of Rose Namajunas




Rose Namajunas is the former UFC's strawweight champion of the world. Ahead of UFC 261, let's take a look at her childhood, and growing up in several countries.

Thug Rose

Rose Namajunas Childhood

Rose Namajunas did not have an easy time growing up. She relishes her Lithuanian heritage and speaks proudly about it. She lost her great grandfather was a military officer who was killed  by the Soviets near his house.

Rose Namajunas Father

Rose Gertrude Namajunas was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 29, 1992. She has said that her father suffered from medial psychological disorder Schizophrenia, which resulted in a tough childhood for her.

Rose Namajunas is named after her great grand mother Rožė Gotšalkaitė Namajūnienė. 


Rose Namajunas family

Rose Namajunas is engaged to longtime partner and former UFC fighter Pat Barry. The couple have been with each other for more than a decade now.

Rose Namajunas During Her Invicta Stint