Conor Mcgregor Tattoos

The Golden Boy of MMA, 'The Notorious' Conor Mcgregor  is without a doubt the most polarizing figure in the history of combat sports. He is the man who transcended MMA to heights which looked unthinkable to attain.

Mcgregor on his chest has a tattoo of "a gorilla eating a heart and has a crown". This is because Mcgregor's , SBG-Ireland Gym in Dublin has the logo of a Gorilla. Moreover Mcgregor feels that he is the king so he has a crown over the head of the Gorilla inked on his chest.

"The Gorilla" Tattoo

'The Crucifix'' Tattoo

Mcgregor is a Catholic Christian by religion so, The ‘Crucifix’ tattoo on the back of his neck represents the 'event of Jesus Christ's crucifixion', which has great importance in Christianity. But on the contrary, Mcgregor has mentioned several times that he doesn't believe in any religion

'Thorny Helix'         Tattoo

The crucifix that connects the The Thorny Helix to the spine represents an Homage to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Mcgregor has never taklked about it on camera but it certainly looks perfect on him.

'The Tiger' Tattoo

Conor Mcgregor has a precised striking accuracy. So he once said, "As a tiger jumps and catches his pray, he also does the same with his opponents". Moreover, as he never backs down from a challenge as like a Tiger, So he also refers the Tiger as a courageous animal.

"Rose Bush" Tattoo

Another set of tattoos on Mcgregor's Left arm contains a rose bush along with a clock showing 3:35 pm. The tattoo has a flower and a dagger is pierced inside it. The back of the tattoo has the face of a man wearing a hat. However, it's significance is unknown as Mcgregor has never talked about it.

'Arabib Writting'          Tattoo      

Mcgregor once said that this Arabic written   tattoo was his first tattoo that he ever got inked and it took him €20. But surprisingly, it's meaning is not even known to him.