Cub Swanson Tattoos

One of the Legendary UFC Featherweights, Cub Swanson has fought some of the who's who of the 145 pound Division.  He has been competing in the UFC for well over a decade now.

Cub has a pair of palm trees on his lower abdominal region. It represents his birth place- Palm Springs, California, United States.

"The Palm Tree" Tattoo

'The Crucifix'' Tattoo

'TRIBAL MASK'   Tattoo

''Cartoon''  Tattoo

'The Tiger' Tattoo

In this Tattoo, Cub Swanson has mentioned his name and has a angle with wings sitting over it, which probably represents himself.

Name Tattoo

"Rose Bush" Tattoo

Swanson has filled his entire calf with multiple Rose Tattoos. According to him the roses represent the Mexican custom of “El Dia de Los Muertos” or “Day of the Dead”, which is observed as a holiday in Mexico in the memory of near ones who are no more alive.

Victory  &  Quote        Tattoo      

Cub represents his Legendary Featherweight run with a Victory Tattoo. But has also mentioned a quote:- “Victory is reserved for people who are willing to pay the price.”

'DRAGON'     Tattoo   

This is the only Tattoo that has no significance, according to Cub.