Stipe  Miocic Tattoos

Stipe Miocic will go down as arguably the greatest heavyweight fighters of all time. The Croatian-American fighter has a wide range of tattoos and here's everything we know about them.

Stipe Miocic has three tattoos on his body and needless to say, they are symbolic and says something about the heavyweight GOAT.

Stipe Miocic has the name of his gym inked on his back in Chinese calligraphy which determines his love and respect for the team that had made him what he is today. It translates to, "Strong Style Fight Team"

Stipe Miocic Back Tattoo

Croatian Coat of Arms

It’s also known as “šahovnica”. Miocic got this tattoo done in 2016 by the artist, Ajmoo Hrvatska.

The heavyweight GOAT understands the contribution people and places have made to his life. The second tattoo on Stipe Miocic is a tribute to his homeland of Croatia.

Stipe Miocic Tribute to his Home Country

Family Crest tattoo of Stipe Miocic

Symbolic of family values and identity. Miocic got this tattoo in 2014 on his right leg.

The family crest tattoo on Stipe Miocic.

Stipe Miocic Love for Family

Despite being one of the most scariest fighters in the history of mixed martial arts, there's a family side to Miocic that is jovial, and funny to say the least. Miocic is humorous, and always lets his family know how much they mean to him.