Tony  Ferguson Tattoos

The legendary UFC Lightweight, El-Cucuy Tony Ferguson has been one of the most polarizing figures in the history of combat sports. Here's a look at his tattoos.

Tony has a pair of wings on his back, which is attached to a cross. It probably represents Ferguson's abilities to make a comeback out of the jaws of defeat. The cross is an example of near death experiences in many wars that he has been through in the UFC.

"Wings & Cross" Tattoo

'The Warrior'' Tattoo

'THE TRIBAL'   Tattoo

"Cristina" Tattoo

Across the right forearm, Tony has a tattoo mentioned as "Cristina", which depicts his love for his wife, Cristina Servin. He has also got the tattoo of a "Dog", which represents his pet dog in real life, as he believes that he is also the part of the family.

'T'  Tattoo   

This T shaped tattoo near the wrist area, resembles the initials of Tony's name.

END of the Road

Ferguson dominated the Lightweight division for well over a decade and while riding on a 12 fight win streak also had a taste of the Interim Title. But Unfortunately Tony never got a chance to neither to fight for nor to unify the Undisputed title.  Now the El Cucuy finds him self at the tale end of his career and while riding on a  2 fight losing streak, Tony is still is ready take challenges and is facing Dariush next.